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"The New Jerusalem Way" (Albert E Brumley)

Also called I Walk In The New Jerusalem Way

  • Blackwood Brothers (1970 My God And I)
  • Chuck Wagon Gang (1962 Sings The Songs Of Albert Brumley - God's Gentle People; 1969 Greatest Hits; 1978 Old Fashion Singing - 20 Greatest Hits; 1989 Memories Made New Volume 2; 2001 Gospel Classics Hall Of Fame Series Volume 3; 2010 Treasures Of Yesteryear; 2010 Live In Lynchburg, VA)
  • Dixie Melody Boys (1978 Campmeeting Gospel)
  • Heaven Bound (1978 Jesus Is Coming; 1981 Live 5th Anniversary)
  • Inspirations (1973 We Shall Rise)
  • Legacy Five (2006 A Cappella)
  • Melody Boys Quartet (1997 Mercy Called Me By Name)
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Page last modified on March 11, 2017, at 03:21 PM EST